Mockingjay Part 2: Killing Is Personal

As much as grand finales end with a bang, The Hunger Games’s final installment delivered to a notch but not as anticipated.
The film directly starts two weeks after Peeta’s strangling of Katniss, with the latter recovering from lack of voice.
Anyway, I love how faithful this was to the material, and how some parts were creatively added to give the storytelling much flavor.
Jennifer Lawrence is still as brilliant and in-depth as our heroine since the very beginning and we see how she portrays the journey her character has gone through. The rest of the cast were brilliant.
This final film would never have been more successful without it being in the hands of director Francis Lawrence. He made sure all scenes were so full of tension you could almost hear every heartbeat in the cinema and in the movie itself.
The film not only mirrors the present situation in the real world, but it also, again as in the first part, uses propaganda in control of the media.
If you’re a fan or not, the film is a good way to forget, for two hours, the real world.

~ by bipolarthespian13 on November 18, 2015.

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