Month-sary, They Say

Note: After multiple revisions, I am finally posting my output from the mini-flash fiction workshop with Jack Alvarez, “Diyosa ng Dagli,” yesterday.

Walking along the dirty sidewalk of Divisoria, I smelled the stench of spoiled milk from the gutters. I passed by the closed Dunkin Donuts, its glass walls covered with torn Manila papers. Glancing at the al fresco area, I remembered that day we fought over a petty issue: Forgetting our “month-sary,” as most of us Filipino romantics call it. I don’t know why that particular date of the month is so special, when, in fact, there’s only that one date of the year.

I snorted.

Funny, I was the one who went all crazy because you hadn’t remembered.

As I was about to carry on walking, my phone rang.

“Happy Month-sary, bib,” you said, elated. “Kita-kits unya ha? Fat Monk. Just wanted to call you. Balik sa ko’g work. Love you!”

I hung up, smiling–the warmth of your voice lingered on my right ear.

~ by bipolarthespian13 on January 13, 2019.

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  1. Great post 🙂

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