The Trial of Tomas

Just a work in progress. Have to write these all down before I forget everything. My first attempt for a full-length play. Mind you, names would probably be changed in the future, once the whole play is complete. Even the title. Anyway, enjoy the first scene.

This is based on a true story.


Scene 1.

In a cafe. TOMAS, CAROLINE, and JACK are seated in a corner table. Sheets of paper, pens, and almost-consumed frappes are on top of the table.

Tomas: Mao dayon to. I wrote it all and decided to submit it. I was surprised when I received the e-mail!

Caroline: You’re getting published! Again!

Caroline claps her hands. Tomas nods and takes a sip of his coffee, smirking.

Jack: Kanusa siya i-publish? Wanna read it na.

Tomas: End of this year. My editor in Singapore said they’re still working–gathering blurbs for it. I’ll give you a digital copy na lang.

Caroline: O-M-G! Super excited na aketch! Super jud! Naa jud ko ato ba?

Tomas: Ha-ha! Chapter five, if I can recall correctly.

Jack’s phone rings, a notification. He reads it longer than usual.

Tomas leaves for the toilet.

Jack shows Caroline the message he has received.

Caroline: What? What does that even mean?

Caroline continues reading.

Jack: This is crazy!

Another notification alert.

Jack: Hala uy. Asa ni niya nakuha?

Caroline: Waits a minutes… Verified ba na? We can ask him now.

Jack: Don’t think that’s a good idea. The hell. After what happened sa ilang duha…

Caroline: Bitter break-up. He’s something else ha. That little bitch.

The two don’t notice Tomas returning.

Tomas: Kinsa?

Jack & Caroline: Wala.

Jack: A stupid article from a blogger.

Tomas: CDO? Si Jericho? He’s so full of himself ra ba.

Jack: Nah. Random hag. Nothing to worry about.

Jack eyes Caroline, egging her to not say anything.

Caroline: Tom, naa ko’y i-ask. Don’t take this the wrong way, but–

Jack: Di ba naa pa kay meeting adtuan?

Jack glares at Caroline, who shrugs while smiling awkwardly.

Tomas: Oh yeah! Thank you so much for reminding me. Meeting up with James for the layout. Of the book. Heh. I better get going. See you this Sunday!

They all say their farewells.

Caroline: Let’s bring this up sa board?

Jack: Of course. I can’t believe he’s been lying to us!

Another notification alert. Jack sighs.

Caroline: What else pa man, goodness!

Jack rolls his eyes after reading.

Jack: It’s Velma.

Caroline: Wow. Naa pa siya’y nerve to feel concerned? After ghosting us?! Baga siya’g kubal!

Jack: Baga’g bilbil‘s more like. Unbelievable!

Caroline: Looks like ang kanyang pagbabalik is gonna be a total shit storm.

Jack: What’s her motivation? The timing is just….

Caroline: Basta. We better tell the others.

Another notification alert.

Caroline: Kinsa na sad na?!

Jack: Oh. Now they included Marco in a freaking group chat? Jericho, Velma, you, me, and… Rita. Why in the world would they involve Rita Seguerra?

Caroline gets her phone.

Caroline: Kung si Tay Tay pa, I’d rather be not part of this narrative. There. Just left that group chat. Kaw na bahala ana nila, Jack. I’ll notify the others. What is this even?

Jack: Feels like a witch hunt. With all these receipts.

Carol crosses her arms and slouches, sighing.

More notification alerts follow.

Jack: Car, murag sakto jud ka. This is going to be a shit storm.

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